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The cat-eye flick

22 May 2015 11:55:32

The good news for fans of this signature style is that the iconic look is a super-hot trend this season.

Whether you go for a thicker winged look or a little kitten eye,  using a good eyeliner and learning how to perfect your cat eye is crucial for rocking the look. Any girl who’s tried the look, however, understands that perfecting the wings of your cat eye can be a frustrating process.

Our latest tutorial reveals everything you need to perfect this look using our innovative Ink Pot Eyeliner watch now.

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We think orange combines the energy of red and happiness of yellow. Lips in bright orange scream for attention, however, it`s not for the shy, but rather the beauty enthusiast who likes to experiment and standout. It might be time to put away the matte reds, deep purples and burgundies and go fresh and bold this summer!

Click here to watch our new tutorial and learn how to transform your lip look.

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Flawless Glowing Skin

8 May 2015 10:42:58

So with an air of radiant restraint in mind and beauty bag at the ready, here is your guide to getting a glowing visage.

Opt for a dewy foundation

Dewy skin is youthful and highly flattering, we suggest Be Beautiful Blemish Balm which will keep your skin looking fresh.

Use an illuminator

Illuminators are incredible beauty bag essentials. As a woman’s face turns, you see all the beautiful parts of her face catch the light Precious Metals Highlighting Palette.  Applying it to the tops of the cheekbones and the arch of the eyebrows are beautiful places to start.

This makeup look is perfect for any summer occasion, click here to find out how to recreate this effortless look.

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Get Festival Fabulous

24 Apr 2015 12:15:53

Festivals are fun enough as it is, but there's no denying they are made all the better by a brand new bright pink lipstick or some head-turning Day-Glo eyeshadow for the dance tent. Come rain or shine we’ve got the hottest festival beauty picks from statement lip hues to fun glitter eyeliner to give your festival look a quirky twist.

Click here to watch our new tutorial and discover how to recreate our vibrant festival makeup up look.


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Introducing Eye & Cheek Palette

24 Apr 2015 10:52:14

A Midsummer’s Dream is the perfect palette for hazy summer nights and features the Pantone Colour of 2015 - Marsala, a stunning shimmery bronze eyeshadow.  Along with muted tones of grey, earthy brown, white and copper. The two beautiful coral blush shades add a bronzed highlight to the skin.


All Day Soiree will refresh any beauty look, the combination of shimmering peach and beige hues create a delicate, feminine finish. The assortment of on-trend blush shades of creamy champagne and pastel pink provide a healthy flush to cheeks.


These velvety-smooth eyeshadows and blushers are highly-pigmented and long-lasting, making blending and defining simple.  Each palette contains complementary neutral and bold shades suited to all skin tones.

Click here to watch our new tutorial and create a beautiful bronzed eye look using A Midsummer’s Dream.


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Rock chick smokey eyeliner

17 Apr 2015 12:19:35

This look is defined by a sexy feline eye, smudged smokiness, and lashings of mascara finished off with the perfect nude lip. Inspired by classic bombshells and cool rock chicks, this one of the most desirable, iconic looks of all time.

Click here to watch our new tutorial to recreate this alluring look.

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Modern day Cinderella

10 Apr 2015 09:19:32

This look ties in with the enchanting ‘Cinderella’ inspired makeup trend taking over the beauty world, with a captivating mix of colours, for eyes, lips and face. Click here to watch our latest tutorial to embrace this trend and transform your look.

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Pull off the perfect purple pout

31 Mar 2015 10:08:56

Pick the right purple hue

The most important of all of the tips on how to wear purple lipstick is to take time when choosing a colour that works best for your skin tone. Ladies with warm skin tones look better with a lipstick that walks the fine-line between a red and a purple, whilst ladies with cool skin tones can take their pick amongst cooler purples hues.

Keep the eyes simple

This simple, well-known tip for wearing dark lipstick does not need a lot of explaining. Opt for nicely lined cat-eyes, or give a natural looking smokey eye a try.

Perfect your base

One of the things usually associated with a purple lipped vamp look, is velvety flawless skin. Contouring, blush and highlighter – all of the things you would normally use to highlight your features are minimal, executed to perfection and most importantly matte. When you wear bold lipstick keep the rest of your face neutral and shine-free, as it gives the whole look a more refined finish. 

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Each shade is inspired by the fascinating, unique spectacle of colour and striking luminosity of Ibiza at the fall of the afternoon. This palette features bright pastel shades of blue and green alongside hot peach and canary yellow hues, which adds a stylish element to this fresh and vibrant palette.


Click here to watch our new tutorial to add a bold, stylish touch to your beauty look.


Del Mar Vol II

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Blending Eyeshadow Tips & Tricks

20 Mar 2015 10:23:57

The importance of good blending brushes

A good quality blending brush will make a WORLD of difference when blending out eyeshadow! How to use a blending brush: Use a windshield wiper motion back and forth to blend using a light hand. Don’t press too hard when blending out eyeshadow as you want to achieve a soft, blended look. You can also apply eyeshadow using blending brushes into the crease or outer corner. Use more than one blending brush for different shades so you don’t mix colours!

Blending / transition Colour

A blending or transition colour is an eyeshadow used in between the crease colour and the brow-bone in order to create a gradient between colours. This colour helps other colours blend more seamlessly into one another. For example when using a black colour in the crease you would use a lighter grey colour on top of the black and blend up so it looks like the black is fading into a grey creating that gradient effect.

Click here to watch our new tutorial to discover how to blend contrasting colours using Original i-Divine Palette. 


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