Cobalt shadow and liner

The richer the blue, the more skin tones it will flatter—ditch the soft pastel hues for more intense cobalt shades.

Eau La La Liner Cobalt Blue

Eau La La Liner Blue Moon

Gold shadow and highlighter

Gold is the ultimate metallic; it brightens eyes and gives all skin tones a sunny glow. (Darker skin tones should go for a bronzy gold rather than a yellowish one).

Glo Face and Body Highlighter

Molten Metal Gold Leaf & Pewter

Electric orange lipstick

Orange lipstick has been seen on catwalks for a few seasons, and now it's brighter and edgier than ever.

Pout Polish

English-rose cheeks

Petal pink cheeks are soft, ethereal and pretty. Create a romantic look by using rosy shades with a touch of shimmer.

Blush By 3 Pink Lemonade

Blush Rose Gold

Fuchsia and purple

Whether you’re ready to try a subtle purple eyeliner or go all out with purple lipstick, these beautiful hues are easier than you think to incorporate into your makeup routine for 2014! 

True Colour Lipstick Mystic

True Colour Lipstick Fuchsia

Dip It Eyeliner Imperial Purple