Sticking to these simple rules can help you achieve perfectly enhanced cheekbones.


Fair skin tones need subtle blush shades, you don't want to overdo it as your skin could be left looking dull rather than radiant. Warm undertones look gorgeous with peachy-yellow blushers, they add a subtle hint of colour that will blend well and help to contour cheeks. Cooler undertones naturally work best with cool pinks tones.

We recommend:

Life’s A Peach

Lace Blush By 3

Pixie Pink


Similarly to fair skin tones, less is most definitely more. Choose a soft pale pink to add a delicate rosy hue to your cheeks. This will help to brighten the face and give a gentle flushed look that will suit your skin tone perfectly. Yellow or olive undertones also look beautiful with warm amber tones.

We recommend:

Pink Lemonade 


Lace Blush By 3


Cool undertones work harmoniously with rosy tones and deep peach shades add a beautiful flush to warm undertones. Choose shimmery shades with hints of gold to highlight for a radiant finish.  

We recommend:

Sweet Cheeks Blush By 3 

Sugar Blush By 3

Flame Blush By 3

Dark skin tones can totally rock deep fuchsia, coral and orange shades.  These hues add the perfect glow to your cheeks and the right amount of colour to darker complexions.  Warm undertones radiate more with cool bright pink shades than with warm shades, whilst cool undertones should go for the opposite with an orangey warm blush.

We recommend:

Californ.I.A Blush By 3

Pink Sprint Blush By 3 

Pumpkin Blush By 3