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Fashion Week SS13 love!

29 Jan 2013 10:27:29

Did you manage to catch any of London/New York/Paris/Milan fashion weeks? Here at Sleek MakeUP we OBSESSED over all the gorgeous beauty trends and picked out our faves for 2013! Here’s the round up…

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Luminous Skin

As seen at London, New York, Paris AND Milan fashion week, luminous skin shone out (literally!) at all the shows. Radiance boosting foundations, illuminating powders and liquids were used to give skin an ethereal glow. Radiant skin is universally flattering as it gives tired skin a welcome boost, washes over any imperfections and makes any complexion look healthy and alive. We love love LOVE this trend and can’t wait to try it out!


Luminous Skin

Tropical Eyes

A simple but effective pop of colour on the eyes is enlivening and empowering! London, Paris and New York featured brightly coloured lids or liner, whilst the rest of the face was kept flawless and natural. Our Eau La La liners are ideal for adding a bold yet chic injection of colour to eyes. Either smudge the shade around the eye or line top and bottom lash line to imitate the trend. We’re already addicted!


Tropical Eyes


Ultra matte vibrant lips

Maybe the most dominant beauty trend at the shows was the fabulously colourful look-at-me lips! We already rock this trend on a day to day basis, it’s an easy way to dress up a look and give a distinctive edge to your makeup. We urge you to try it! Our True colour lipstick range contains both matte and sheen finishes making it easy to pick up a matte formula. With shades like Loved up, a playful pink, Russian Roulette, a deep matte red, or Tangerine Scream, a zesty orange shade, you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Matte lips


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Tips and Tricks of the Trade…

17 Jan 2013 12:10:20

January is definitely a month where we feel the need for a little extra help with looking and feeling great, and where better to pick up a few tips than at Sleek MakeUP HQ! We had a quick run round the office to see what quick tips we could pick up; our girls know their stuff…

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January is definitely a month where we feel the need for a little extra help with looking and feeling great, and where better to pick up a few tips than at Sleek MakeUP HQ! We had a quick run round the office to see what quick tips we could pick up; our girls know their stuff…

Oliya, Product Development Manager:  

When I buy new mascara I always keep my old one too. New mascaras tend to be much runnier so you can’t get a volumised look with them for at least couple of weeks, so I use my old mascara first as the formulation is slightly thicker. Then I apply my new mascara afterwards to lengthen lashes. I do this until my new mascara becomes thicker.

Traci, PR Manager:  

A simple but effective way to pop your eye colour is by applying white mascara to lashes first, Magnitude Mascara works perfectly for this. Then apply Eye Drama Mascara in Purple Haze for stand out, gorgeous eyes. 

Zahra, Product Development Assistant:  

For an ultra natural and easy way to contour, use a light concealer/foundation to highlight the skin where the light falls (tops of cheekbones, centre of the nose, cupids bow). Then use a darker shade of foundation/concealer as a contour shade (under the cheekbones, jawline and both sides of the nose). I use Be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Light and Medium to contour, the weightless consistency gives a natural, glowing finish.

Another great tip – when applying eye shadow try to keep your eye open.  This gives you a better idea of the finished result as you can see where the eye shadow is being placed.

Terri, Junior Administrator:  

When filling in your eyebrows the trick is to make them look like ‘sisters’ rather than ‘twins’. This gives a more natural effect, plus it stops you spending hours making them look totally identical which looks harsh and unnatural. 

Inês, Digital Marketing Assistant:  

Try wearing Eau La La Liner as a full coverage lipstick. It’s easy to apply and has a long lasting matte effect. For a subtle shine add Glossed in Clarity over the top.  Amp up your look at night and get experimenting to find new ways to wear your favourite products! I like to apply Eau La La Liner in Dragon Fruit to lips and then tap Glitter Dip It in Diablo over the top for an intense glittery lip that lasts all night long!

Alice, Copywriter:

My favourite trick is to add a light shimmery highlight to inner corners of the eyes. This really helps to open up the eye on tired days, and draws attention away from imperfections. The shade ‘Taupe’ in the Au Natural i-Divine works perfectly for this. I also use the same shade to add a light shimmer to cheeks if my complexion is looking a little dull from winter weather.

Hope you managed to pick up a tip or two, tell us your top tip on our Facebook and Twitter pages! 


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As every fashion lover knows, no outfit is complete until a touch of makeup has been applied! That’s why our marketing team headed straight to the hub of beauty and fashion at Clothes Show Live held at Birmingham’s NEC. We prepared ourselves for a week of makeup, fashion, goody bag loving and beauty obsessing to our hearts content!  

Check out our diary that reveals our ups, downs, sheer madness and the beauty buzz at the amazing Clothes Show Live!

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As every fashion lover knows, no outfit is complete until a touch of makeup has been applied! That’s why our marketing team headed straight to the hub of beauty and fashion at Clothes Show Live held at Birmingham’s NEC. We prepared ourselves for a week of makeup, fashion, goody bag loving and beauty obsessing to our hearts content!  

Check out our diary that reveals our ups, downs, sheer madness and the beauty buzz at the amazing Clothes Show Live!


Faced with a 6 o’ clock start at Euston station made for a slightly painful experience, but we relied on our excitement (and large doses of caffeine!) to get us through. A quick journey later and we found ourselves in the freezing cold North! We gave our muscles a serious workout heaving all the  luggage over to the hotel, but as soon as we arrived  the hotel manager, Mrs Lee, made us feel relaxed and  right at home with several cups of tea and plenty of biscuits! Admittedly, the hotel definitely had a slight ‘horror movie-esque’ feel to it, but we settled in and applied plenty of Lash Out mascara (a girls best friend on tired days!), before heading off to the NEC to set up our impressive Sleek MakeUP stand!

Setting up was definitely the hardest part of  our time there… but armed with plenty of yummy goodies to nibble on (thank goodness for chocolate peanuts!), we finally finished arranging our Sleek MakeUP stand at  half past 10 at night! The stand looked fantastic but needless to say by this time we were four exhausted Sleeksters and agreed to get back to the hotel sharpish! Unfortunately by that time the freezing weather had turned in to torrential down pour, and we were forced to run like escapees through the rain, load up our get-away car and drive like mad back to our hotel to sleep away our nightmare set up day! 


Waking up bright and early for our first day of the event  we headed straight to the NEC to make sure our Sleek MakeUP staff were all ready to go and that our hard work on the stand was looking perfect.  Fighting puffy eyes was no problem; limited edition Sparkle i-Divine gave us back our sparkle (!) and we prepared ourselves for the fashion and beauty loving fans that would soon be trooping through the gates of the NEC!

Our Sleek MakeUP team helping us during the event included five gorgeous gals and one hunk of an event manager, all straight from the heart of Birmingham!  We LOVED their enthusiasm, sense of humour and their down-to-earth attitude.  One of the girls was even a makeup artist and got to grips with foundation matching using our 30 shades of New Skin Revive foundation.  Plenty of happy fans walked away from our stand with luminous skin that looked totally natural, nothing makes us happier than a perfect match!

As the event got busier, we soon became aware of a buzz happening across the hall with a huge crowd and cameras flashing away!  As it turned out; Peter Andre had arrived and was signing autographs for a huge flock of girls…Some were even crying, it was like Beatles mania!!  Other celebs we saw at the event included Amy Childs, Gemma Collins, Katie Price, and V V Brown, who all caused great commotion throughout the event, with interviews on stage and autograph signing.  

After a successful first day we were all in the mood for a girly night in our hotel, complete with face masks, hot chocolate and  chick flicks, is there anything better than a relaxing girls night in?!


Another early start meant another caffeine trip for us; but although the coffee woke us up, we still felt the need for an extra lift! Enter Sleek MakeUP’s Glitter Dip-It’s, liquid liners loaded with micro-glitter that gives a great boost to tired eyes, or if you’re feeling experimental apply to lips like our girl Inês! For uber sparkly lips that stay on all day, Inês used Eau La La in Dragon Fruit on the lips first as a primer and then loaded lips with Glitter Dip It in Diablo, a bright look-at-me pink! Multi-purpose products are so the way to go in this day and age darling…

We managed to get some serious bargain hunting done, with plenty of vintage gems just waiting to be adopted we couldn’t face leaving them there! Thank god for the bargain prices otherwise we would have been in trouble… being a real vintage lover, I fell head over heels for a silver sequinned butterfly top, as you might have guessed we love a bit of sparkle here at Sleek MakeUP!

Silver Sequinned Butterfly Top

Our gorgeous PR assistant Sheena picked up the brightest fuzziest vintage Christmas jumper ever for a total bargain! We feel cosy just looking at it! Our social media gal Ines picked up an 80’s-tastic embroidered vintage cardigan  ideal for look glam but staying warm, what’s not to love?!  Vintage finds we heart you!!  

With so many other brands surrounding us at Clothes Show, we had a peek at what hair care had to offer our tresses. The uber talented stylists at Paul Mitchell provided us with hair styles each morning  which we all highly appreciated, especially as we’d arrive each morning with crazy bed hair, only to be sprayed, styled and coiffed by hair pro’s, lets just say it was definitely something we could get used to!!  Our girl Assunta treated herself to long dark hair extensions which she LOVED, “I feel Like Rapunzel!” 

Meanwhile up on the style studio stage, model and musician VV Brown gave an interesting talk about her vintage brand VV vintage ( and ethical trading. VV brown is the ethical ambassador for the clothes show live. Her ethos is all about the beauty of up cycling. We loved her positivity and passion for what she believes in. Our lovely Sheena had a photo with her after the talk, we couldn’t believe how tall and gorgeous she was! Girl Crush alert!


Sheena and VV Brown


Super cool model and presenter Annalise Dayes came over to our Sleek makeUP stand for a chat and of course a Sleek MakeUP fix. Annalise is currently on Americans next top model- the British invasion on Sky living. We’ve got some serious hair envy!!


Sheena and Annalise


After a busy day of celeb-spotting and vintage shopping  we were more than happy to get back to our  hotel, but first we nipped in to Tesco’s and  picked up plenty of Snack-a-Jacks and some hearty soup, the ultimate comfort food in cold weather!  


Sunday was with us already and we couldn’t believe how fast our event was unravelling! Our Sleek MakeUP goody bags were selling like hot cakes at the event, at only £10 each for four products and being called after two rather well known supermodels helped. ‘Kate’ and ‘Naomi’, have you heard of them?? 

After having our hair bigged up (literally!) with Paul Mitchell stylists and with plenty of True Colour lipstick in our favourite shade, Vamp, we felt more than ready to face the day!  The last few days have made us all realise how empowering and re-energising makeup is, even if you’re feeling tired with a long day ahead of you, a gorgeous lip colour or stand out eyes can really rev you up and set you on your way!

We managed to somehow squeeze in a little more retail time our lunch hour!  First stop was jewellery brand Rya V who sells absolutely gorgeous jewellery! Our own little magpie Sheena looooves cocktail rings and statement necklaces and couldn’t wait to pick up some more bling!  After much oohing and ahhing she opted for a ring and beaded collar necklace.   Fab accessory designer Tatty Devine also got a lot of love from all of us Sleek MakeUP gals; we all adorned ourselves with plenty of unique, whimsical jewels that Tatty Devine is known for.  I picked up a black leather cuff bracelet and a plectrum necklace which I adore! 

By 5 o’clock we were feeling fairly weary, but had a massive pick-me-up when we went to watch Henry Holland presenting the Clothes Show Live fashion show!  The crowd went wild for goody bags and freebies, whilst the show had a total fashionista feel, complete with an Anna Wintour look-a-like!  After running around like loons all day selling, shopping and organising we were all ready to sink in to our beds, but the excitement wasn’t over yet! The X factor final had us all totally gripped and we went mad for the gorgeous James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas. Congrats to James for bagging first prize, well deserved we think, even though Jahmene Douglas is so sweet! Rihanna looked divine in a gorgeous Alexander Wang white mini dress. Her flawless skin blew us all away, has she been using our super nourishing Be Beautiful Blemish Balm we wonder?

DAY 5 

Our second to last day went by in a Sleek MakeUP second!  We couldn’t believe how much fun we’d been having and how fast it had gone. By this time word had got round at that Sleek MakeUP were at Clothes Show Live and we had plenty more fans throwing themselves at our famous i-Divines and True Colour lippies!

Our makeup artists Laura and Ines were foundation matching left right and centre!  One customer thought she was the shade Demerara in our New Skin Revive foundation, but after some trailing and testing Inês found she was actually suited to the shade Sweet Honey which is SEVEN shades under the one she picked! It made us think about how many other gals are wondering round rocking a foundation shade too dark or too light for them.  Ladies – there is a foundation shade to perfectly match your skin tone, with 30 shades of foundations in the Sleek MakeUP line we’re happy to report that we can cure all foundation matching dilemmas!

Our last night at Clothes Show Live called for some serious treat time! We picked up plenty of food and took it back to our hotel for what we like to call a “bedroom picnic”, a must-do for four girls away from home! We guzzled and gossiped the night away, it was the best Sleek MakeUP girly bonding sesh ever and much needed after our busy week of Sleek Make-upping!  Hilarious programme ‘Snog, marry avoid,’ kept us highly entertained featuring some of the wackiest looks ever, we couldn’t help but feel we wanted to give them a makeover (or under!)  with some our Sleek MakeUP goodness! Including some much needed foundation matching…


This was our last day and we were all feeling a little sad that our Clothes Show Live adventure was over. It had been a beauty blast and we want to do it all over again!  We were pleasantly surprised to find that our last day was our busiest day, with the Sleek MakeUP stand packed to the brim with eager fans all hoping to get their hands on some amazing offers!  The day went by in a whirl of selling and explaining new products and ways they can be used.  There’s nothing we like better than talking to our fans about the benefits of Sleek MakeUP.  Our famous Rose Gold blush had plenty of adoring fans as usual, we know we’re biased but there really is no better blush to create a healthy flush of colour that suits all skin tones! 

Eventually it was time to wave goodbye to our Sleek MakeUP stand and rush to the train station to get back to good old blighty! We hugged our amazing staff goodbye, what on earth would we have done without their energy and positive attitudes?! We loved them all!

Still armed with foodie goodness from the night before, we spent the train journey eating and reminiscing about our week of Sleek MakeUPping at Clothes Show Live!  The event had been a total success, but we couldn’t help but feel happy to sleep in our very own beds that night…

Were you there too? Tell us your experience on our Facebook page! :)


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