The importance of good blending brushes

A good quality blending brush will make a WORLD of difference when blending out eyeshadow! How to use a blending brush: Use a windshield wiper motion back and forth to blend using a light hand. Don’t press too hard when blending out eyeshadow as you want to achieve a soft, blended look. You can also apply eyeshadow using blending brushes into the crease or outer corner. Use more than one blending brush for different shades so you don’t mix colours!

Blending / transition Colour

A blending or transition colour is an eyeshadow used in between the crease colour and the brow-bone in order to create a gradient between colours. This colour helps other colours blend more seamlessly into one another. For example when using a black colour in the crease you would use a lighter grey colour on top of the black and blend up so it looks like the black is fading into a grey creating that gradient effect.

Click here to watch our new tutorial to discover how to blend contrasting colours using Original i-Divine Palette. 


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