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3 Ways to look LIT AF

11 Apr 2017 12:18:11

3 Ways to look LIT AF.

Let's be honest, you can never have too many Highlighters! The Barekissed Illuminator is defo one of our *hidden gems*, that can be used in so many ways to take your glow to another level this season…

1.Use it on its own for a luminous glow! This is a major “make up no make up look” key! You can give off radiant summer vibes without a full face. Mix with your moisturiser and layer up for maximum glow!

2.Upgrade your base like a boss! Add gorgeous light-reflecting pigments to your look by mixing the Barekissed Illuminator with your foundation or use as a second layer to create a real life dewy filter.

3. Apply to your cheeks, cupid's bow and brow arches and blend accordingly for a subtle glow.

Complete the look.

Eyebrow Stylist - Our Eyebrow Stylist is a staple for your makeup-bag. The calligraphy tip achieves tailor-made strokes from thin to thick for outlining and filling, while the creamy formula is matte and velvety smooth for a natural look that lasts.

Face Contour Kit - Whilst our Cream Contour Kit is LOVED by all, our Face Contour kit is still one of our most iconic products and a fave on our Instagram (@sleekmakeup). The contour powder is all you need to define your cheekbones and the highlighter is perfect for adding some shimmer.

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Girl Gang Vibes

7 Apr 2017 13:18:47

BNTM Catch Up.

This week’s task gave us Girl Gang Vibes as the girls were paired up for their DIY photo-shoot. Basically, it was like what we all do before a night out. Only instead of your best friend taking your photos for Snapchat (@Sleek MakeUP) they had photographer Nicky Johnston shooting them in a top West End club in London - true supermodel style.

The girls came up with their own concept plus outfits and did each other’s make up - totally unguided during the shoot and we fell in loveeee with the winning look by Elenor and Alannah.

Achieve this winning look with a #SleekOver!

Brows - Dark, sculpted and intense....Brow Intensity

Contour  - Cheekbones prominent AF...Cream Contour Kit

Lips - Bold like a boss... Twist it Liner - Deep Cherry paired with Lip VIP in Attitude

We want to see you slay this look! Tag us on Instagram @Sleekmakeup #Sleekmakeup

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Matte Me

23 Mar 2017 10:14:09

Matte Me.

You know the trend, matte lips are everywhere - and we live for it. That’s why we’ve extended our range with 3 new colours for spring…. Say hello to French Fancy, Apricot Blooms and Crushed Lavender.

A matte lip can go really right… or really left. So, here are some tips to make sure you're lip game stays strong.

Be BOLD - Lay it on thick and let the colour pop

Be Subtle - Apply lightly for a long lasting lip stain effect

Be Creative - Pair it with our highlighting palette for dimension 

Bold - Nothing says confidence more than a bold lip. Go big or go home and create a perfect look bold lip. Apply our Matte Me with precision using the applicator provided layering colour and intensity as you go. #GoBigGoHome

SubtleMatte Me has crazy lasting power, so it also works well as a lip stain. Apply a small amount in the centre of your lip – then spread the formula out using your finger tips for light and even coverage. #IWokeUpLikeThis

Ombre – Add dimension to your lips by pairing matte me with a highlighter and lip liner

1.Start by using a lip liner as a base to fill out your lips (use a shade darker that your chosen matte me colour)

2. Apply matte me to the centre of your lips using your finger or a brush – blend the formula into the base to create an ombre effect.

3. Add a highlight to your cupids bow to complete your look.

How to use Matte Me.

Always make sure you moisturise your lips before using a matte me as the effect of the product is to dry quickly and this helps with an even coating. After applying, part your lips and gently blot using a tissue to remove any excess.

How to remove.

Apply an oil based make up remover or olive oil over your matte me lip colour then remove with a cotton pad. Oil based products work great as they moisturise your lips whilst breaking down the formula for quick and easy removal.

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BNTM Launch Party. 

So this year's Britain’s Next Top Model has finally started…  and of course, we were at the launch party - at the Village Underground in London… it was LIT.

We had the winner of the “No Mirror Make Up Challenge”@NadiaWatsonxo partying with us along with the beaut that is @ling.kt who had taken over our IG Story to give you the full scoop on everything that went down. There was everything from unusual treats like squid cakes disguised as Oreos, to our own Sleek makeover area - where we managed to put guyliner on love islands Alex Bowen!

Needless to say everyone looked flawless. It was definitely a celeb filled event…but the main stars last night were the BNTM models. This year's contestants are stunners and as the official makeup sponsors for the show, Sleek products were always at hand to make sure all the girls were runway ready.

Jel you weren't there? Don’t worry, we have lots of completions and giveaways. Follow us and Sign up to our Newsletter here and we’ll keep you in the know ;)

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Contouring Do's & Dont's

22 Feb 2017 14:06:29

Contouring Do's

1. DO Use the right colour for you. Yes, when highlighting you should use lighter concealer but only 1 or 2 shades lighter. Same with the darker shade for contouring. Not sure what shade to use? We’ve got you - we have 4 different kits with 6 different shades in each. So finding a shade close to your natural skin tone is easy.

2. DO  Blend blend blend! Hard lines are not cute and will make you look too patchy. Our Cream Contour Kit is soft and creamy – so using a beauty blender or even your fingers to blend will really help smooth it into your skin for a natural finish.

3. DO  Bake! We all long for that makeup look that lasts all day or night. Baking your highlight is key when using creamy products. Use our Professional Finishing Powder to eliminate major creases and set your highlight in place.

Top Tip  *The Flash Test* -  Once you're all done, take a selfie with a flash. What you can't see in the mirror comes to light in a photo. #NoFilter. Oh and don’t forget to tag us @sleekmakup and #sleekmakeup with your results!


Contouring Don'ts

1. DON’T Over use product.  As you’ll be using different shades and tones on your skin, you want to make sure you create a seamless transition into each colour. Our Cream Contour Kit is creamy and highly pigmented - so a little really does go a long way, giving harsh lines zero chance!

2.DON’T Try to change your natural features. Contouring is a great way to enhance your natural features and not to be used as an extreme non-surgical face lift! Your contour should look effortless and flawless. So work with what you have, follow the natural lines of your face and find a routine that is custom to you!

Top Tip - Contour for the occasion! It’s very easy to achieve a subtle contour for your everyday look so save the maximum slayage and pull out all the stops for nights out and special events.

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Roses are red violets are blue...

14 Feb 2017 12:19:56

Roses are red violets are blue, get a Valentines' look that’s perfect for you...



Oh So Special

Want to slay this Valentine’s Day?

Then look no further than Oh So Special I Divine Pallet, With ultra-flattering pink and brown shades and smoky plums you can create a stunning romantic look that will insure bae’s eyes never stray.

Step 1. Using lighter shades sweep over the eyelid and inner corners of your eye blending as you go.

Step 2. Get creative and blend contrasting colours together mixing shimmer and matte shades for a flattering Valentines’ Day look.



Bad Girl

Single this Valentine's Day?

Who cares!  Grab your girls and hit the clubs it’s time to get bold and beautiful using our I Divine pallet BAD GIRL! Containing strong shimmery blues and deep matte shades of green and purple this is your essential singles girl’s go to pallet.   Using lighter shades sweep over the eyelid and inner corners of your eye blending as you go. Using the bolder shades find the perfect fit for you to create an ultra-Smokey eye that will stand out this Valentin'es day.

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Brow Intensity

10 Feb 2017 15:46:12

  Are Sculpted brows here to stay?

With strong brows and highlighting still trending we have created the ultimate duo with the new Brow Intensity. Available in 5 different shades this new 3 in 1 brow tool allows you slay various looks with ease. From full and natural as seen on the models in the Autumn Winter Balmain show, to Jenny’s full and defined brows.


With sculpted brows trending for a while now, it’s fair to say that this is one trend that is here to stay...


So, are You ready to pull an all nighter?

Most of us would agree that brows can make or break your face, but our new product Brow Intensity has made it that bit easier to make brow contact before eye contact! The double ended brow gel and highlighter will ensure you get long lasting and smudge proof brows that will last all night!



Shape, define and sculpt using our multipurpose brow tool. One end has a tapered sponge tip to brush on a fibre gel that adds depth and volume. The product also contains micro-fibres that cling to the hairs creating a natural looking fullness. The other end has our super creamy soft highlighter that blends into the skin creating a soft glow that finishes off your look to perfection.

So are you ready to pull off the perfect brow? Then follow our easy steps below to complete your look and slay your brows. 

Step 1. Using short sweeping motions apply the tapered sponge-tip along brows to define and sculpt to your desired shape.

Step 2. Comb through using the brittles of the brush to blend and build up your brows.

Step 3. Following the shape of your arch and apply the soft highlighting pencil to the brow bone. Give it a go and tag us at @sleekmakeup to show us your look


Why we love it…

Whether you’re painting the town red, working up a sweat at the gym or nailing the perfect Sleek instagram selfie – Brow Intensity’s long lasting and smudge proof formula stays put for as long as you need it to. For perfectly sculpted brows, pair it with our Eyebrow Pencil to outline the shape of your brow and our Cream Contour kit for clean lines.

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Transform your brows!

8 Mar 2016 12:06:42

Your search for the perfect brow product ends here! Our range boasts three essential products to pull-off perfect brows all year round. From the cult and brilliant Brow Kit, to the innovative yet practical Eyebrow Stylist and Brow Perfector, nothing else will give you better looking brows!

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Sculpting, refining, slimming? Check, check, check.

Contouring had previously been only known in the professional makeup world, but in recent years, it’s hit the mainstream masses with full force. Why do people love it? Think chiselled cheekbones, the nose of your dreams, and a jawline that just won’t quit. Basically, it brings out the magician in all of us! 

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Everyone knows that a nude lip is a classic fail-safe that can instantly take you from understated daytime chic, to ultra-glam when paired with a smoky eye.

However, finding the perfect shade to suit your skintone can be the tricky part. We’ve rounded up the must-have nudes from our True Colour Lipstick Collection dependent on your skintone, to make going nude easier than ever.

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