Line your lips

If you want to fake full lips, line your lips just slightly outside your natural lip line with a lip liner in your desired shade. This will make a huge visual impact, after you're done lining around your lips, take Twist Up Lip Liner and fill in the rest. This trick helps your lips look one even colour.

Apply a sheen finish lipstick

Stick to neutral colours and avoid dark shades when you want a full-looking pout. Darker colours will make lips appear smaller. Our ‘suits all skin tones’ favourite for full-looking lips? True Colour Lipstick in Succumb.


For the finishing touch, if you're feeling extra-ambitious, add a highlighter to your cupid's bow. Applying a light-reflecting highlighter to the peaks of your pout adds an extra bit of depth, creating the illusion of fuller lips. Precious Metals is a gorgeous multi-purpose highlighting palette.

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