2013 has been the year of the power brows.

With catwalk stars such as Cara Delevigne showcasing their bold eyebrows in the fashion world and Lily Collins bringing them to the silver screen there's no escaping their influence.

And now Lucy Hale, famous for her role in 'Pretty Little Liars', has come out in support of thick eyebrows.

In an interview with BeautyHigh, she revealed how she had spent years plucking and pruning them before deciding to embrace their naturally thicker shape.

She called on other women to follow her lead, put down the tweezers and play up their big brows.

"I've embraced my bolder brows. I went through a cycle with horrible shapes and sizes, but now I feel like my brows make me a little different," the 24-year-old explained to the publication.

In order to make the most of your eyebrows it is important to do a little light grooming, tweezing any stray hairs in the centre of your brows and creating a slight arch in the middle. They may be thick but they still ought to be neat!

You can then look to fill in the colour a little and give them more impact with the Brow Kit. It contains shaping wax and setting powder to help define your brows and frame your face.

Opening up the eye area, the kit features a selection of different natural shades to match your hair colour and suit your skin tone.

Begin by stenciling the shape you want to create and using the tweezers enclosed to pluck any stray hairs which fall outside of this zone. Apply the shaping wax with the angled brush following the natural arch of your brow, pressing lightly and blending as you go so as not to create too hard a line.

Afterwards, you can use the setting powder to fill in any sparse areas and hold the colour in place. Complete the look by using a little highlighter under the arch of your brow for even greater definition.