The most commonly asked beauty question of them all…

It’s that age old question that has puzzled many of you and just to make it more confusing there seems to be thousands of different opinions on the matter. Do you apply foundation and then concealer? Or do you apply concealer and then foundation?

After a quick poll at Sleek MakeUP HQ it seems that everyone has their own foundation and concealer routine – most of the gals here apply concealer and THEN foundation. But wouldn’t applying foundation after concealer simply ruin all your hard concealing work??  Or is concealer the base of a perfect finish?  

After much research in to the topic here’s what we’ve learned… do whatever works for YOU!


This method is best for those who don’t want too much coverage or if you are already blessed with clear skin. As usual, always begin with a prepped base including primer if possible for a smooth finish. Apply concealer on to areas that need a little camouflaging and blend seamlessly in to the skin. Then apply foundation very sparingly from the centre of the face outwards. Set with a light coating of powder mainly on the T-zone. Finito! 


If you prefer a full finish or need a little extra coverage this is the method for you! Start with a beautifully prepped base. Always moisturise prior to applying foundation and wait a few minutes for it to sink in. Apply foundation as sparingly as possible starting from the centre of the face outwards.  Ensure the foundation has set before applying concealer over it so that it doesn’t move or smear when you touch it again. Tap your concealer on to areas that need extra coverage and blend using a tapping motion with your ring finger. This ensures that the concealer doesn’t look dry or cakey once blended. Finally apply powder lightly including over the areas that have been concealed.  Et voila! 

How do you apply your base? Tell us your comments below!