Do: Keep the rest of your makeup minimal, this is a bold colour that can (and should) stand on its own.

Do: Go multidimensional! Some purple lipstick hues can make lips look smaller than they actually are, so dab a touch of gloss into the centre of your lips to make them appear fuller.

Do: Add some shine if you’re feeling brave. Swipe some clear lip gloss on top of your favourite violet shade for a catwalk inspired pout.

Don’t: Assume any shade works for your skin tone. Orchid hues work well on fair and light skin-tones whilst medium and dark skin-tones can pull off deep plum shades.

Don’t: Go for a statement / bold look anywhere else, if you’re going for purple you want your lips to be the focus!

Don’t:  If you go for a pastel hue such as lilac, choose one with a warm undertone which won’t wash you out.  

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