Using eye shadow along the lower lash line, as well as on the lid, can create a beautifully intense look and draw attention to your peepers. However, it is easy to get the look totally wrong and end up with heavy, small-looking eyes!

There’s no need to play it safe as this gorgeous look suits all eye shapes, our new Garden of Eden i-Divine palette of vivid greens and shimmery browns suits all eye colours and skin tones and will make achieving this look effortless.

The most important thing to remember when trying out this trend is to blend, blend, blend! Blending the colours together seamlessly helps to avoid makeup smudging too low under the eyes, which can take a lot of touching up (it is easier to add makeup then it is to remove it).

Here is how to pull off the look

  • Apply a warm golden hue over the entire eye lid
  • Blend a metallic green shade along the top and bottom lash lines
  • Finish by sweeping Eau La La Eyeliner in Tonic along the bottom waterline to intensify eyes