Brows are a much debated topic here at  Sleek MakeUP HQ.  How dark should they be? What shape?  Do we really need to fill in our brows?! The resounding answer is YES!

According to Oliya, our Product Development Manager, it’s very important to keep your eyebrows neat and groomed as it frames your face and your eyes, making them stand out to perfection. To prove her point, Oliya preened Sheena’s (our PR assistant) brows using our very own Brow Kit. After her brows had been coiffed and groomed to perfection we immediately wanted our own pair of impressively neat and tidy brows! We’re sold! So here’s the brow down…

• Get your brows shaped professionally at least once a year. The pro’s can create the most flattering eyebrow shape for you, and once this has been done all you need to do is maintain them!

• Try to make sure any regrowth is plucked out immediately, if it’s left it can make the area around your eyes look untidy, and you will gradually lose the shape.

•When you begin grooming, start by brushing your eyebrows using an eyelash comb starting from the beginning of your eyebrows outwards. This way you can see exactly which hairs need to be eliminated!

• Using a flat angled brush carefully outline your eyebrows starting from the beginning of your eyebrow outwards. If you find it easier, outline the bottom first and move upwards.

• Once you have shaped your eyebrows fill them in with the same brush using the flat side to produce a smooth effect. 

• Next step is to fill them in using a powder in order to ‘set’ your work!

• Give brows a final comb through to get rid of any excess product for a natural finish. Pay particular attention to the beginning of your eyebrow as this is the biggest give away that they aren’t your natural brows!

What do you think? Are you wowed by brows?! Send us your comments below!