Contouring Do's

1. DO Use the right colour for you. Yes, when highlighting you should use lighter concealer but only 1 or 2 shades lighter. Same with the darker shade for contouring. Not sure what shade to use? We’ve got you - we have 4 different kits with 6 different shades in each. So finding a shade close to your natural skin tone is easy.

2. DO  Blend blend blend! Hard lines are not cute and will make you look too patchy. Our Cream Contour Kit is soft and creamy – so using a beauty blender or even your fingers to blend will really help smooth it into your skin for a natural finish.

3. DO  Bake! We all long for that makeup look that lasts all day or night. Baking your highlight is key when using creamy products. Use our Professional Finishing Powder to eliminate major creases and set your highlight in place.

Top Tip  *The Flash Test* -  Once you're all done, take a selfie with a flash. What you can't see in the mirror comes to light in a photo. #NoFilter. Oh and don’t forget to tag us @sleekmakup and #sleekmakeup with your results!


Contouring Don'ts

1. DON’T Over use product.  As you’ll be using different shades and tones on your skin, you want to make sure you create a seamless transition into each colour. Our Cream Contour Kit is creamy and highly pigmented - so a little really does go a long way, giving harsh lines zero chance!

2.DON’T Try to change your natural features. Contouring is a great way to enhance your natural features and not to be used as an extreme non-surgical face lift! Your contour should look effortless and flawless. So work with what you have, follow the natural lines of your face and find a routine that is custom to you!

Top Tip - Contour for the occasion! It’s very easy to achieve a subtle contour for your everyday look so save the maximum slayage and pull out all the stops for nights out and special events.