Matte Me.

You know the trend, matte lips are everywhere - and we live for it. That’s why we’ve extended our range with 3 new colours for spring…. Say hello to French Fancy, Apricot Blooms and Crushed Lavender.

A matte lip can go really right… or really left. So, here are some tips to make sure you're lip game stays strong.

Be BOLD - Lay it on thick and let the colour pop

Be Subtle - Apply lightly for a long lasting lip stain effect

Be Creative - Pair it with our highlighting palette for dimension 

Bold - Nothing says confidence more than a bold lip. Go big or go home and create a perfect look bold lip. Apply our Matte Me with precision using the applicator provided layering colour and intensity as you go. #GoBigGoHome

SubtleMatte Me has crazy lasting power, so it also works well as a lip stain. Apply a small amount in the centre of your lip – then spread the formula out using your finger tips for light and even coverage. #IWokeUpLikeThis

Ombre – Add dimension to your lips by pairing matte me with a highlighter and lip liner

1.Start by using a lip liner as a base to fill out your lips (use a shade darker that your chosen matte me colour)

2. Apply matte me to the centre of your lips using your finger or a brush – blend the formula into the base to create an ombre effect.

3. Add a highlight to your cupids bow to complete your look.

How to use Matte Me.

Always make sure you moisturise your lips before using a matte me as the effect of the product is to dry quickly and this helps with an even coating. After applying, part your lips and gently blot using a tissue to remove any excess.

How to remove.

Apply an oil based make up remover or olive oil over your matte me lip colour then remove with a cotton pad. Oil based products work great as they moisturise your lips whilst breaking down the formula for quick and easy removal.