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Shape with Brow Kit

  1. After plucking stray hairs from in-between and underneath the brow (never above!)
  2. Brush the brows in an upward direction with a brow brush to groom and prep brows
  3. Apply the shaping wax with the angled brush following the natural shape of your brow
  4. Using the setting powder, apply across the brow sparingly to fill any gaps and create a fuller brow

Define with Eyebrow Stylist

  1. Use brush to neaten brows into place following your natural brow shape
  2. Use the pointed end of the pencil to outline eyebrows and the flat side to fill-in. Alternatively, use the point to mimic natural hair with short, regular strokes
  3. Build up the colour to your desired look; for natural looking brows use a small amount of pressure or for bold brows use a large amount of pressure

Groom with Brow Perfector

  1. Using short upward motions, stroke the brush along the brow to define shape. Then comb through to blend and build brows