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Meet alia

Meet alia


DJ and radio presenter, Alia Loren, loves to experiment with makeup. Mixing and clashing colours, experimenting with calligraphy-inspired makeup, she is inspired by London and the influences around her.

“I’m of Arab descent, I have tattoos and piercings – which isn’t the norm. When I was younger, girls in my college would ask why I’d dress so tom-boyish. I felt like an outsider, distanced from my culture and oddly, the western world I was in. I grew from that and learned not to care about what anyone thinks. This was a period when I was trying to find myself and I learned I am my own body, my own decisions.

Taking something at face value doesn’t tell a full story, the invisible things: my emotions, my experiences, my traumas, my personality – that is the real story to be heard.“

“I should be heard as well as seen”

“I should be heard as well as seen”


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