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Sleek makeup self care on your birthday

Sleek makeup self care on your birthday



So, it’s your birthday and you’re in lockdown, and coronavirus has taken the vibe from hero to zero. Social distance doesn’t have to mean non-existence, so Just because you can’t party like its 2019 and just because you’re not physically with the girls doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate, or cry. This is YOUR time to do exactly what feels right for YOU.


Here are a few tips on how to kick-start your birthday beauty routine and make the most of treating yourself in a time where we all need as many treats as we can get our hands on.


Be a BOSS.


JUST. DO. IT. If your birthday falls on a workday, then take the day off. This is important, especially when you are working from home because it’s so easy for the line between your work life and personal life to become blurred. You may not be able to leave your house ‘office’, but you can stick the ‘OOO’ on.




If you’ve been sticking to a routine and waking up for work, then why not have a lazy morning bingeing on that Netflix series you’ve been keeping in case of emergencies, plug in a podcast or make a pick-me-up playlist. Amelia Monét, Amun and Joy Crookes are owning it right now. You can check them out in our Level Up hustle stories Find a face mask, exfoliate, moisturise and get that fake tan flowing.


Bring the HEAT.


All dressed up with nowhere to go? Now it’s time to ditch those joggers and add a little drama to your day. Plan a couple of outfit changes, one for the daytime and something more extra for the evening. Why? Why not? This is your birthday and YOU. MAKE. THE. RULES. Why not play around with some new make-up trends? Try a more natural daytime vibe then transform it with some sultry shadows or pops of colour. Our legendary i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes have 12 shades of super-pigmented eyeshadows and everything you need to experiment away.


Eat it UP.


Instagram may have gone crazy over it recently, but we aren’t just talking banana bread here. Even if you aren’t prepared to go full Nigella, make a special effort for your birthday meals. Have all of your cheat foods with zero guilt – order a pizza, eat cake for breakfast, this is your day so NO. JUDGEMENT.


Big night out (IN).


GET. THE. SNACKS. SORTED. Snacks are life. Order your favourite takeaway and put your favourite film on. Likewise, as we all may have realised by now, bingeing Netflix is an everyday essential – so basically, we are saying that if you haven’t got involved already, now is the time to gorge yourself on Too Hot to Handle. That is all.


Fire up ZOOM.


A party doesn’t have to be IRL. You can still celebrate, just in the virtual space. So, open your laptop, open up the miracle that is Zoom, get the drinks flowing, and get ready to have some serious fun.


It may not be the birthday you planned, but either way YOU’LL. OWN. IT. Stay calm, stay connected and most importantly, stay safely inside.