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Transform your lips with our intensely nourishing, shade-shifting Lip Volve Oil! This mushroom infused Lip Oil is formulated with colour awakening technology that reacts with your pH for a custom pink shade unique to you. 

Infused with snow mushroom extract, vitamin E and jojoba oil  - our Lip Oil formula will give you extreme moisture and poppin’ shine. 
Colour awakening technology - The formula reacts to the PH of the skin transforming into a custom pink shade that is unique to the person.
• Intense hydration
• Reacts with PH for a custom pink shade
• With snow mushroom, Vitamin E & Jojoba oil
What is lip oil?
Chances are you’ve already added a face oil and maybe even a hair oil to your daily routine, but there’s a new kind of beauty oil on everyone’s lips that is about to become your next can’t-live-without makeup bag essential. Lip oil. While face and hair oils are all about moisturising, lip oil does so much more. This makeup must-have boasts all of the benefits you can expect from your favourite skincare. Not only does it help to boost your lips with moisture, but it also makes your lips look plumper, juicier and shinier. That’s because lip oils are infused with a high concentration of hydrating oils like vitamin E and jojoba oil, all of which are amazing at healing and soothing dry lips.
How to use lip oil?
One simple swipe will give you an extreme pop of colour with long-lasting, high shine that you used to only get from your favourite lip gloss, just with none of the stickiness. You can also layer a lip oil over or under other lip products. Pair it with a lip tint to up-the-shine level or swipe it on under your favourite lipstick as a moisturising base layer.
What is a snow mushroom?
There’s always a new product or ingredient in the spotlight, and right now snow mushrooms are having a major beauty moment. Otherwise known as tremella fuciformis, this buzzworthy beauty substance isn’t actually new at all. It’s been used for thousands of years in Asian cooking and skincare practices. More like a squishy white flower than a mushroom, this super hydrator is now popping up as an active ingredient in skincare products everywhere – and here are the reasons why…
What are the benefits of snow mushroom?
Snow mushroom is often compared to hyaluronic acid, but it’s actually even better. It contains an enzyme that improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture and its particles are smaller than hyaluronic acid, so it penetrates the skin faster and easier. Plus, it’s totally natural! Snow mushroom also enhances skin elasticity, smoothing and plumping the skin’s surface, and therefore making you look younger. If you have sensitive skin, snow mushroom is a real lifesaver because it naturally breaks down harmful free radicals in the skin and can help reduce the appearance of redness, scarring and dark patches, for a lighter and more even-looking complexion. In short, snow mushroom is the must-have mushroom taking the beauty game to new highs!

Wear alone for an effortless look, or on top of our Say It Loud Lipsticks for a high-shine finish.


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