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Sleek makeup Meet ally

Sleek makeup Meet ally

Meet Ally. A DJ, model and fine art graduate, she is passionate about body diversity and being femme queer.

“As a POC, and a plus girl in a white dominated place, I grew up with European beauty standards and always tried to be something I could never be. I never felt beautiful until I was 19, when I moved to London and it helped me come out as my authentic self.

It’s a journey, but where I am now is incredible compared to before, and I love every party of myself and the progression of my growth. I actively talk about it online, so other women can feel more comfortable in themselves too. As a plus woman of colour, and an active person in the LGBTQ community, it’s important to put faces out there that real people can love, trust and relate too.”

She loves experimenting with graphic makeup, such as slaying with linework and dots, as well as using bold colour and having glowing skin to really level up her look.”

“I own my confident energy”



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