Sleek makeup Meet amun

Sleek makeup Meet amun


Sleek makeup meet amun


Introducing #OffTheRecord

Meet @amunartiste, 24-year-old @SonyMusicUK singer-songwriter who is switching up power relationships with music and challenging the status quo. Ever since childhood, her life was powered by a great love of the arts. She started writing and making music back in 2013. Not having the money to book studio sessions, Amun would spend all her time making tracks in school and a community centre; showing just how determined and passionate she is. Her music is not only a means of self-expression, but also something she hopes will inspire others to embrace their creativity.



Watch Amun’s video and hear how she hopes to inspire others to be cool and challenge the way females should be represented in music.

Check it out now - Amun, the artiste you need on your radar ASAP!


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