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Meet fatumina

Meet fatumina


Think you can’t be a boss at science and music? Wrong.

Meet Dr Fatumina – scientist and neo-jazz singer. In her culture, a career in music isn’t seen as ‘acceptable’, but she’s decided to kill it anyway, switching up the game with song writing and spoken word.

Watching her Mum putting on makeup when she was younger, Fatumina realised that it’s not just art – it’s a talent – and the looks she creates when she performs, or goes to events, helps her be who she wants to be, and more importantly, who she is!

‘People need to be changing for me, I don’t need to be changing for other people. Makeup is the thing that puts that across.’

As if she wasn’t impressive enough, and stimulated by the different type of creativity that engineering offered, she fell in love with science and has an award-winning PHD. She is deeply passionate about encouraging more women who find it difficult to express themselves to pursue their dreams and she uses her platform to create conversation around this and help to open up these male-dominated spaces.

‘When I’m doing my work I’m thinking, ‘I’m a powerful woman and you can’t do anything about it’. I can do my job, I can do it better than you, but I can look good while doing that.’

“I don’t have to change for other people”








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