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Sleek make up meet joy crookes

Sleek make up meet joy crookes


Musician Joy Crookes is solid proof that taking the leap for what you believe in pays off! Having left school to pursue a career in music, Joy has fully slayed the game and sold out multiple gigs and released her second EP, Reminiscence, earlier this year.


“My parents are massive on opportunities – they both have the, I call it, ‘immigrant mentality’. They both moved here quite young: they left their home, so they left their families, they left everything they knew to find a life here. “


In between visiting her grandma’s every two weeks for lamb curry and cuddles, Joy, daughter of a Bengali mother and an Irish father, uses music as a way to celebrate immigrants, as well as her own multicultural identity. Growing up listening to an eclectic mix of genres, all of which influence her sound, she straddles soul, trip-hop and R&B, and is committed to translating her most honest and vulnerable feelings to music.


“I feel like ideas are a natural kinetic energy. If you want it, it will come to you. There’s an intensity to London everything’s moving and nothing stops - it’s very much inspired my ethic to get stuff done. To keep going.”


We have loved following Joy’s journey so far, and having recently been nominated for the Brit Awards ‘Rising Star’ award, we know there’s big things to come!


Watch Joy's story in our Off The Record episode we created with Refinery 29:




"I’ll be who I want to be"



Watch how the power of a strong female network has helped Joy on her path to success – and how she uses her music to express herself, and her multicultural identity. For the full Off The Record article with Refinery 29, check it out here.




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