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Meet katie eve

Meet katie eve






Meet Katie Eve - smoky eye extraordinaire and winner of our aspiring MUA competition we launched a couple of months back.

We are completely OBSESSED with Katie Eve’s creativity and the way she’s able to express herself through the power of make up.

Get to know her and watch her create her very own make up look using some of her fave Sleek products:





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Tell us why you entered the Sleek MakeUP MUA Competition?

I entered the competition as I have been a fan of Sleek MakeUPfor quite some time now after using it on clients and on myself! I really wanted to enter as I wanted to be a part of a new campaign and grow a relationship with such a lovely brand. I was also super excited to see what the new product was!


How long have you used Sleek MakeUP and what was your first product?


I've been using Sleek MakeUPfor about 5 years now both on myself and in my client kit! My first product was the Cream to Powder foundation as I found the shade range was excellent compared to other brands on the high street, so I was able to accommodate for all my clients!


Tell us a bit about your experience shooting with Sleek. What was your favourite part of the day?


Despite being a little bit nervous about being filmed & meeting loads of new people, I had SO much fun! Everyone was so kind and made me feel very comfortable even when I would keep tripping over my words, and I was so excited to play with so much makeup! My favourite part of the day was being able to create the tutorial, and creating fun shots like blowing the Loose Powder at the end!


What do you love the most about make-up and working as an MUA?


I love how makeup can transform people and make them feel like a completely new person. I get so many clients complaining about certain issues with their skin i.e. redness, acne, dull skin, and being able to change them from someone who is looking at their skin and seeing what they would say are their 'flaws' to someone who can really see their beauty is everything to me! I also like the variety of makeup jobs that I get - there is never a dull day!


What is your fave make up hack?


I'm not sure if it's a hack but it's definitely something that has helped me a lot - being patient! Taking your time to blend products and being light handed where possible. It's helped me out a lot and even when i'm in a rush, just taking 2 seconds to breathe and carry on with the makeup makes all the difference.


What techniques are you working on perfecting at the moment?


I'm experimenting with different cut crease styles and experimenting more with creative glam makeup!


What advice would you give to your younger self in terms of make up?


To appreciate my skin when I'm having a good skin day, so don't cake your face in layers of thick foundation when you don't need to! A light concealer base is okay!


What’s been your biggest make up fail?


Using a concealer as lipstick in year 8/9 at school. Those were....interesting times.


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