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Meet miriam

Meet miriam




Say HEY to Miriam! A complete make up junkie and winner of our aspiring MUA comp we launched a couple of months back!

We are totally inspired by her brightly coloured precise make up looks and wanted to give her to opportunity to showcase her amazing talent.

Get to know our Spanish babe and watch her create the most FUEGO make up look:





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How long have you used Sleek MakeUP and what was your first product?

To be honest, Sleek was one of the first brands that I started using when I became interested in the make-up world around 6/7 years ago. The first product that I bought was an i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette on a trip away. I can’t remember if was Au Naturel or Oh So Special, but both palettes have really versatile colours in them. 

Tell us a bit about your experience shooting with Sleek. What was your favourite part of the day?

It has been a beautiful experience overall! To have a brand like Sleek trust me being in their campaign, travel to London (a city I love!) and work with an amazing team that made me feel great and special…it was a trip full of emotions and I loved it!

What do you love the most about make-up and working as an MUA?

I love the process of creating something new and unique. But even more -creating something that causes a sensation over the eyes of the viewer, something that does not leave anyone feeling indifferent.

What is your fave make up hack?

I love to use glitter on my eye looks, and sometimes the glitter falls out and drops onto the face. I like to use tape over the face to remove and pick up all the excess.

What techniques are you working on perfecting at the moment?

None and all at the same time! As an MUA, we are always learning and improving all that we know. In my opinion, if you don’t do that, your make up looks will become stagnant very quickly.

What advice would you give to your younger self in terms of make up?

Practice, practice and more practice! And don’t worry if you fail, just keep practicing.

What’s been your biggest make up fail?

When I started to use eyeliners without any technique, sometimes the finish wasn’t how I wanted it to be! Due to the fact I’d already applied my eyeshadow, I had to remove all my eye make-up and start again! To me it’s not really a fail, it’s just a learning experience!



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