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Abby Brown

Location: Basingstoke, UK

Age: 19 Years

Occupation: Makeup and hair artist

Instagram Handle: @_abs_makeup

Why do you wear makeup?

It's like art for your face! I love creating different looks that are so easy to change if you don't like them.

Tell us something about yourself that other people wouldn’t assume by looking at you.

I'm a trained and qualified lifeguard, I actually worked as one for a year!

Tell us about a time you have been judged for wearing makeup.

Up in the club, I often get strange looks from people wondering why I'm wearing a pink cut crease and I'm covered in glitter! Of course, it's horrible to get funny looks, but it makes me more empowered to rock the looks I wear because I know I'm good at what I do and it looks good! I don't mind being extra!

Have you ever been judged by someone in your inner circle?

I'm very fortunate for my family and friends as they all are very supportive of my makeup. I think when people judge, they just don't understand the passion and skill behind it.

What bit of advice would you give to someone who has been shamed for their love of makeup?

Hold your head high so your highlight catches the sun and blinds the haters!

What is your fave Sleek product & why?

The i-Divine palette’s, so bright, pigmented and affordable, it's so fab for when I create bright looks!


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