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Sleek makeup our values

Sleek makeup our values


At Sleek, we believe everyone has the right to be seen, heard and felt exactly as they choose to be. We have always been committed to ensuring that this truth is expressed, received and celebrated with our community. The events surrounding systemic racism in the US, and around the world have made us reflect and forced us to question where we can do more. It is with that in mind, that we now openly share our values, beliefs and commitments with you. 
Too many individuals are still marginalised based on pre-existing stereotypes, be it how you identify, the colour of your skin, your age, your background, your body. There is unfortunately still a view and socially-acceptable-image of what success ‘should’ look like and who it is for. We believe makeup has been on the front line of changing perceptions and redefining what success actually ‘looks’ like. With the Level Up Programme, we will actively support individuals to realise their potential. We will do this by showcasing inspirational hustle stories, connecting individuals with mentors and providing work experience to those pursuing a career in beauty. To find out more, and sign up, visit our Level Up page for more information.
It saddens us that systemic racism still exists within the beauty industry today. We want to lead for the change we want to see and commit to continue to celebrate all beauty with a full range and spectrum of individuals. To support this, we are donating £10k to the Stephen Lawrence Trust to support young people to transform their lives by overcoming disadvantage and discrimination, helping them achieve their ambitions. More information about this partnership to follow. Our voices alone are small, but together we can, and we will be heard. In addition to this:
Product: we will continue to test our new products on all skin tones and we will undertake a full audit of our range to ensure it is truly representative.
Content: we will continue to work with content creators and brand ambassadors that are representative of our communities. We commit to track this data moving forwards. 
     Partners: we will continue to work with brands and partners that share our values and beliefs. We commit to track this data moving forwards.
Every individual who works on Sleek shares our beliefs, lives our values and is encouraged and supported to speak up, regardless of their role or level. Despite this, our team is not as representative of the communities we serve as we would like. We are working internally with our Business Resource Groups, and our Global Inclusion council to ensure that we are attracting, recruiting and retaining more diverse and representative team members. We are now tracking the diversity of our teams and will use it to track our progress. Due to Covid-19, we are currently not in a position where we can recruit any new team members.

Today in the UK, the Sleek MakeUP team are made up of:

4% Arab Employees
4% Asian Employees
4% Black Employees
12% Mixed Employees (White & Black Caribbean)
76% White Employees
88% Women-Identifying

Sleek Leadership Roles:

67% White Employees in Leadership roles
33% People of Colour in Leadership roles



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