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Sleek makeup tiktok

Sleek makeup tiktok



It’s day who-knows-what in lockdown.


You’ve made the dalgona coffee and you’re single-handedly supporting PLT.


In short, you’re ‘bored in the house, and you’re in the house bored’ and need a distraction.


But we know that lockdown means one word and one word only.





We’re here to give you the lowdown on THE distraction of all distractions during quarantine. Because seriously, with everything going on at the minute, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to keep the vibe up.


If you don’t know what TikTok is (in which case, who are you even?) – it’s a platform that allows you to upload videos – anything from dance routines, spreading good, doing pranks or sharing your extra AF lockdown looks.


It’s a space to be your boss self. You. Doing. You.


Let’s be real – we’ve all been there, saying we won’t be downloading TikTok, then suddenly it happens. Next thing you know, we’re in too deep, it’s 5am and we’re learning the dance to ‘I’m a savage’.


But if lockdown isn’t making you wanna get down, and you’re in some serious need of an emergency vibe check, then TikTok has a whole host of binge-worthy content for the ultimate pick-me-up without even getting out of your PJ’s. We got you.


So – if you haven’t yet downloaded it, you should. And then follow us at @officialsleekmakeup.




The basics:


Navigating TikTok when you first log in. When you first open the App, your screen will be filled with a load of Gen Z’ers doing Carole Baskin impressions and you just won’t know what to do with yourself.


Don’t panic.


When you sign up, you can choose your preferences on what types of video you want to see, whether that be singing, dancing, or how to master a beat. YOU. MAKE. THE. RULES.


If you need a time out, you can pause the video by simply pressing on it once.




To show some love, double tap or click the heart icon on the right-hand side.


To view another video, you scroll up.


To view the last video, you scroll back down.


To refresh the videos, click the ‘Home’ icon and you will see a different batch.


To follow an account, on their video you can click on the little ‘+’ symbol on the right-hand side, or you can click on their profile picture in the circle to open their account profile. 


If you click into a profile, to go back to the homepage, you click ‘Home’.


Once you start to follow accounts, on the homepage, you can click ‘Following’ at the top of the page so you can clearly see the videos only from the accounts you follow.


The ‘For You’ page.


Admit it – you wanna be a TikTok boss. A viral sensation. And we’ve got just what you need to do it (apparently).


You need to get yourself on the For You page (try using the hashtags #foryou , #fyp and #foryoupage) and you’ll want to make sure your video is legit, straight up glam, or sweet and has poppin’ lighting.


How to post a TikTok video?


I mean, it’s the whole reason you’re here, right?!


To post a video, all you gotta do is press the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom of your screen.


If you wanna be extra, you can play around with all the effects in here. You can add visuals to your video, add songs, trim and time it (so you can press the record button, quickly run back to your position and it will count you down and record. We won’t tell if you won’t). 


We’re partnering with PLT and influencer @illumin_arty on the #TransformationChallenge. Entrants have the chance of winning a £200 giveaway – so why not check it out and have a go at serving some attitude.


Got something you wanna show off already? Alright sis, we got you. From this page, you can upload a pre-recorded video by clicking on the bottom right hand corner on ‘Upload’.


To find a song from this page, you can click ‘Sounds’ at the top and search away. 


How to find songs and accounts?


Had enough of The Weekend?


Want something that hits a little different?


Then hit the ‘Discover’ search glass icon at the bottom of the page for everything new. You’ll never be late to learn the Say So again.


If you have seen someone post a challenge on your feed and you want to use the same song or challenge, you can go on their video and click the sound that plays on the bottom left. This will take you to a page of everyone who has uploaded a video using that song. Click on ‘Use this sound’ at the bottom and start recording. Same thing goes with the hashtags.


Ok – are you keeping up so far? Good. We know it’s a lot to take in.


If someone likes your video (get you), you will see a little notification on your ‘Inbox’.


Where is your profile located?




Click ‘Me’ to see your profile. When you post videos, this is where you’ll see them. You can add a little bio from here and change your picture to something bangin’ too.


Where are the videos you’ve liked?


To see the videos you’ve liked, click the little heart icon on your profile page and you will see them all there.


And that’s it.


That’s our ultimate guide to TikTok.


We hope it cleared things up for you, but basically – just play around, have fun and remember to follow us at @officialsleekmakeup.


We leave you with some of our favourite videos to find and check out to get your started:


Not every TikTok video has its own hashtag so instead, search for the sounds:


‘Savage’ by ‘Megan thee stallion’

‘Nonstop’ by ‘Bella’

‘Hit Yo Rollie’

‘Weee’ by ‘Avery Pittman


Search the below hashtags using the search glass icon