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Sleek makeup tips for your mental wellbeing during lockdown

Sleek makeup tips for your mental wellbeing during lockdown



Unless you’ve done a Jared Leto and have been silently meditating in the desert this whole time ( then you’ll be all too familiar with how things are.


We’ve spent over 50 days in lockdown, January was 5 years ago, and everyone is obsessed with Connell’s chain. Not to mention that meeting your friends in the pub feels like a fond, but very, very distant memory.


It all feels a bit surreal, doesn’t it?


At Sleek MakeUP, we want you to know that it’s completely normal to find these times challenging – because even with the slight ease on lockdown, that doesn’t mean there’s been an ease on your mental health.


Three months ago, weekends were for three things and three things only– binge watching, bottomless brunch and baking. Who are we fooling? We meant getting Domino’s. But now weekends can seem to stretch on forever, so we’re here to give you the lowdown on all the tips to keep you active, staying sane and most importantly, feeling positive.  (You know, other than re-watching Normal People for the fourth time. Ok fine. Eighth time). 


Get your kicks on


Joggers are a staple. Simple. The office will just have to handle that when we all go back. But if, like us, you’ve forgotten what shoes are – then it’s time to dust off your Air Max and show ‘em what they’ve been missing. The hype around daily walks have got us all feeling pre-maturely middle-aged but fresh air, birdsong and that daily dose of vitamin D can work wonders on your mindset. Simply having a change of scenery from the same four walls can boost your vibe and make you feel way more like your usual boss self. If you’re feeling extra AF, then why not turn your walk into a jog. Or a run. Or a cycle. You do you.


Be trippin’


We know the drill. You’re in your house bored (of course), scrolling through Insta when suddenly you’re hit in the face with someone’s throwback pic to the Maldives. You end up bitter-liking it anyway, but inside you’re fuming. We. Get. It.  But, why not take that energy and funnel it into planning your own – dream holidays can take ages to plan, and luckily for you, you have tonnes of time to waste. Even with summer holidays a no-go at the minute, it’s not going to be like this forever. So, hit up your boo’s, your family or even keep it to yourself and find the perfect place for you to live your best, post-quarantine life. Ah, we can see it already. The sweet smell of sunscreen. The crash of the waves. The inevitable argument because someone forgot the Lays.


Do a Marathon. And not the running kind.


Let’s be real – sometimes you need to just relax. Switch off. Turn the world of and on again. Weekends are still your time to do exactly what you want to do and not feel guilty about it. And we can’t think of a better way than to whack on Netflix, re-watch old faves, or get into something new. Whether you’re more Harry Potter than Star Wars, more Tarzan than Frozen, more Edward than Jacob – slip into something more comfortable (we recommend PJs. Always PJs), grab some snacks and settle in for a long day of binging. After all, you deserve it sis.


Let’s get crafty


DIY doesn’t stop at dalgona coffee and banana bread. There are many more, if not less delicious, ways to get your hands stuck in and your mind occupied. You’re used to mastering the beat. Fact. So why not try your skills on a canvas. Whether you’re on your own, with friends or family, and even with kids – grab some acrylics, some watercolours or even just paper and pencil if you feel like it and draw whatever comes to mind.


Home comforts


If lockdown isn’t making you wanna get down, or go out or do anything in particular, then that’s fine too. The sun is shining – sometimes – so grab a book, some music or just yourself and let that sun hit a little different. Really raise the game by putting on a BBQ for the vibiest of weekends. Fine, it might not be Bali but it’s the next best thing.


So yes, three months ago, weekends were for three things and three things only. But now weekends are perfect time to screw your head back on, focus on your mental wellbeing and stay positive. Remember that even in these days, when the mere thought of a human contact feels like nothing but a pipe dream, things will get better and brighter. You’ll be back to your bad self in no time.